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Has your family been personally touched by the care of St. Joe's? Would your friends enjoy a fitness challenge that includes helping the community? Gather together members of your family or a group of friends to register as a Friends and Family Team and set a fundraising goal for St.Joe's. 

You can also win great fundraising prizes!

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Step 1.jpg  Register your Friends and Family Team: Click "Register" at the top of this page, then select "Form a Team" on the next page. 

Step 2.jpg  Build your Friends and Family Team: Invite your friends and family to join you as you raise funds to support patient care and research at St. Joe's. 

Step 3.jpg  Reach your Fundraising Goal: Let us help you reach your fundraising goal for St. Joe's! Every gift supports hope, healing and discovery at our Hospital - where the real winners of your efforts are the patients of St. Joe's! 

Please contact Adam Tillich if you require assistance or have any questions - or 905-522-1155 ext. 35973