Around The Bay Race – Fundraising Tips

We've put together a list of COVID friendly fundraising tips to help you achieve your personal goal for St. Joe's. Please take a look and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 
  • Start Planning Now — The sooner you begin, the more people you can attract, and the more money you will be able to collect.
  • Set a Fundraising Goal and Communicate It — Set an ambitious, yet realistic goal!  Communicate your goal – your friends, family and colleagues want to see you succeed, and will help you do that if they know what it is.
  • Increase Your Goal — When you reach your goal, increase it – you can double your efforts and raise even more!
  • Engage Family and Friends — Ask your loved ones to make a donation to St. Joe’s on your behalf or even join your team. Make sure they know when you are riding – and event share photos – it will make them feel like they are a bigger part of your endeavor!
  • Remember to Ask Professional Contacts — Your investment banker, real estate agent, insurance agent, etc., all want your continued business – don’t forget to ask them to support you — many will see it as a cost of doing business.
  • Self-Donate - Donating to yourself is an important demonstration of your own commitment and demonstrates by example.
  • Encourage a Large First Donation — The first donation can set the bar for all successive ones — strategically reach out to a person with the capacity to make a large first gift.
  • Know the Facts — Many people are willing to give once they hear how many people rely on St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. The Foundation can provide you with statistics about our hospital’s impact in the community to share!
  • Personalize Your Ask — People don’t give to causes; they give to people with causes. Be sure to tell your guests why you are participating and why St. Joe’s is important to you. Update your Personal Page on the website with your own story, along with personal photos.
  • Network, Network, Network — Look for opportunities to inform people that you are fundraising in support of St. Joes through the Around the Bay Road Race.  Is there any opportunity for you to make an announcement at your next virtual staff meeting? Do you have access to clubs, schools or social groups? Create a Facebook event and promote it on social media!
  • Say Thank You — Make sure to personally thank people who support you or your team. Help them realize and understand how much their contribution means to people at St. Joe’s and to you personally.  If possible, send a thank you letter about the Around the Bay outlining your team’s success – create a sense of ownership for them in achieving your goal!
  • Customize Your Email Signature — Include the link to your personal fundraising page in your email signature to help to let people know that you are participating in the Around the Bay race and fundraising in support of St. Joe’s, and provide the link to your participant page.
  • Hyperlink Email Signature

  • Corporate Matching Gift — Ask your company to match the amount of donations you receive from your donors.
  • Draft a Letter To Send to Your Suppliers and business partners (our St. Joe’s Events Team can provide examples.) Many of your business partners will be eager to donate and give back to the community as well as to show they are associated with a good cause. 
  • Office Newsletter/E-blast — If your company distributes newsletters or intra-office emails take advantage of these! This sort of communication is a perfect way to get the word out about your team or your fundraising.
  • Social Media — Let your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know you are participating in the Around the Bay race and fundraising for St. Joe’s by sharing the link to your participation page for people to donate to you and use social media to promote your events.  Post regular updates so people can track your progress and help you reach your target. Please review the social media fundraising page for full details.

 Think Beyond Asking for Straight Donations… Get Creative With Fundraising Events:Jeans for St. Joe's

  • Have an Online Auction — Auction off or sell items you can request from local businesses or artists. Look to a local artist or artistic friend to donate a painting or handmade jewelry to use. You could also ask your local travel agent to donate a travel voucher.
  • Donations in Lieu of Gifts — Throw a birthday, anniversary, graduation or special event and ask guests to make a donation to the cause in lieu of gifts.
  • TV/Netflix Night — Select a movie and invite your friends and family to a virtual viewing. You can raise money by selling tickets to the event and accepting donations for dinner before or for snacks during the evening!t!
  • Virtual Game Night — Invite friends to partake in board games or card games such as poker. Let everyone know that 10% of winnings are payable to “The House” which will become donations.