2020 ATB

Team Critical Care

Please help Team Critical Care reach our goal of raising over $25,000!

The 3 Wishes Project aims to bring comfort through acts of compassion at the bedside and honouring personal preferences at the end of life for dying patients and their families by learning about what matters most to them.  Originating in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton in 2013, the 3 Wishes Project has transitioned from a research project into a clinical program in our ICU and continues to be adapted in other hospitals around the world. With funds that we raise in the Around the Bay Race, we will expand the 3 Wishes Project to the medical step-down and medical wards of St. Joseph's Healthcare. Recognizing the inherent dignity of all persons, we will encourage family members, friends, trainees and staff to identify what would be meaningful at this time, and what would bring comfort. This low technology, low risk, low cost initiative can help to improve end of life care for dying patients, their families and friends, as well as staff involved in their care.

"This program honors the everyday hero, someone who may go unnoticed but whose life counted and was a good person. .” Family Member


 “Simple things.  Simple gestures.  And that’s all you need.”  - Family Member


Please visit - 
http://www.3wishesproject.com/ for more details

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