2020 ATB

Portable Superheroes & Friends

Welcome to our team fundraising page!

We are very excited to be participating in the 126th Around the Bay Road Race (ATB) in support of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation on Sunday, March 29, 2020. This cause is very important to us because St. Joe’s is in many ways the heart of Hamilton – nearly everyone in our community has been touched by the incredible patient care they provide.

This year, funds raised through ATB will be used to help fund the redevelopment of St. Joe’s new Emergency Mental Health Service (EMHS). This renewed space will allow St. Joe’s to continue to be a leader in emergency mental health and addiction services for adults in Hamilton.

From anxiety and depression to schizophrenia, eating disorders to addictions, St. Joe’s new EMHS will make sure that no matter why someone arrives at the emergency department, they can be sure they’ll receive the care they need in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

We are encouraged by the support I’ve already received, but still need help reaching our fundraising goal. Every dollar we raise together will support hope, healing and discovery at St. Joe’s. Please donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal!

Thanks for your support!

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