Around The Bay Race - Steps for Success


Print the PDF of this checklist here


Below is a 'checklist' of tasks that will help ensure you will be able to maximize your fundraising experience. If you are able to check off each of the below tasks, you’ll be on the path to success!

Personalize & Pump Up Your Fundraising Page.

Set a fundraising goal.

Add ‘your story’ or your reasons for fundraising for St. Joe’s.

Add pictures… they say a thousand words!

Create customized email templates incorporating a donation link and a personalized e-signature.

Send emails to friends/family/colleagues, etc., asking them to help you achieve your goal. Please review the Fundraising Tips section for ideas on how to ask…

Set a reminder to follow up on all emails maybe a few weeks to one month or so after your first ask. Update everyone on your progress and remind them how important each individual donation is.

Send a thank-you email immediately after receiving a donation. You will be notified of each donation electronically, so there is an easy prompt to help remind you.

After the event concludes, send a thank you to all donors thanking them once again, and let them know how successful they helped you become. Include a photo of yourself at the event, and talk about your great race day experience.


Successful Team Captains will also…

Send emails to friends/family/colleagues recruiting them to join your team.

Set a reminder to follow up on all emails to join the team maybe a couple of weeks after your first ask.

Thank each team member who joins the team as soon as they do.

Work with your team to establish a Team Fundraising goal. The easiest way to do this might be to add up everyone’s individual goals. You can continually increase your team goal, so as more people join your team, your goal can be updated. Alternatively, host a team meeting and discuss your team goal - maybe even turn it into your first fundraiser - see the Fundraising Tips section for ideas...

Provide regular updates to team members regarding the team goal and your progress, encouraging them to reach their personal fundraising goal.

After the event concludes, send a thank you to all of your teammates thanking them once again, and celebrating that your team supported hope, healing and discovery at St. Joe’s!