2017 Around the Bay

Team ICU

Please help us reach our goal of raising over $20,000!

The 3 Wishes Project focuses on patients receiving advanced life support who are dying in the intensive care unit (ICU). End of life care in this high technology setting can be impersonal for everyone involved. By asking about and carrying out at least 3 final wishes for dying patients and their families, the 3 Wishes Project was designed to celebrate lives lived and support those left behind. Originally designed in one ICU in Hamilton, Ontario as a research project, our goals are to make the 3 Wishes Project a sustainable clinical program and implement it elsewhere.  We hope to improve the dying experience for patients, their families, and their clinicians, bringing peace to the final days of a critically ill patient’s life, while easing the grieving process for others.  We will encourage acts of respect and compassion by family members, trainees and clinicians to recognize and honour each patient's life journey and personal preferences. This low technology, low risk, low cost project could help to improve end of life care for many dying patients.

Please visit - http://www.3wishesproject.com/ - for more details

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